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belenMy name is Belén Vélez and I am a single mom with an amazing soon-to-be ten year old.

When he was 18-months old, he was diagnosed as severely autistic.  I felt like Mike Tyson had just punched me in the gut as the breath left my body.  After my initial shock, I didn’t really care to engage in the argument of whether or not autism is curable; why it happened or how it happened.  At this point, did it matter?  He is still mine and I can’t love him any less.

One of my greatest challenges is to be the best advocate for my son, to help him develop lifelong skills and live a long, healthy, happy and independent life.

So as my sole focus was my son’s journey, mine hit a brick wall about 7 years ago.  I found myself in the hospital with total vision loss in my right eye.  After 2 weeks of testing from toes to nose, which included a lumbar puncture for Multiple Sclerosis, I was sent home from the hospital with a note from the doctor saying it was a fluke and likely to never happen again.  Six (6) weeks later I was back in the same hospital with near total loss of vision to my left eye!  This time they realized my Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) level was abnormally high.  If you’ve never heard of it, imagine my fear being diagnosed with it!  More than 4 times the normal level, I was diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis, an autoimmune disorder of unknown origin with no known cure.  This causes one’s own body to attack any part of its own central nervous system. And this thing was messing with my brain!

If that wasn’t challenging enough…

My son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies including being anaphylactic to peanuts.  Imagine my horror as I remembered all the times I let him eat peanut butter straight off the spoon!  He was diagnosed as a candidate for Type 1 Diabetes at 4 years old and then hypothyroidism a few months later.  My own health continued to deteriorate despite seeing one specialist after another.  I was bloated and big as a house at nearly 200 pounds, looking as if I were 9 months pregnant.  My skin hurt, my back hurt, I had a buffalo hump that made my neck hurt, I fell down all the time, and was just plain miserable.  I was taking high doses of prednisone to rescue my body from itself.  It felt like every aspect of my life was one major frustration after another.  Modern medicine was failing both my son and me.  I felt helpless and hopeless.

After three (3) relapses and the neurosarc getting progressively worse, I was honestly afraid that I was going to die and started planning my final arrangements.  My biggest fear was that no one would be here to advocate and fight for my son, his health and well-being.  I did not have the time, patience, or health to wait for doctors to throw “cures” at the wall and hope something worked!  I did what any determined mother would do.  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and then I got pissed!  That is what prompted me to search for my own answers – my own cure.

I began to develop a diet which catered to my son’s food allergies.  As a result, I made our household gluten, dairy, corn, yeast, soy, peanut, and refined sugar free!  Additionally, we introduced essential oils and began to eat whole foods based with almost nothing processed, canned, or commercially packaged.  We started to detox and removed virtually all chemical toxins from our home.

We have MAJOR obstacles in our way including Autism, Neurosarcoidosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Raynaud’s Syndrome…  And don’t forget the stress!  Lots and lots of stress.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said:
“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  

There is much to be said about finding one’s own power!  I know it’s a long, hard road.  Certainly, I am not perfect.  I have slipped on occasion but I felt the effects of it.  My choices directly affect my health and that of my son.  Putting one foot in front of the other, we are on the path to wellness.  I beat off my frustrations with the help of my family, close friends, and mentors.  I am utilizing the amazing gifts which Mother Nature provides me. 

My mission now is to help others find their road to wellness. Kids will eat their vegetables.  Essential oils really do work.  Anti-inflammatory foods actually heal the body.  It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune in food bills and doctor’s appointments.  Better yet, you do not have to feel sick all the time!

I won’t lie:  This is the road less traveled and it is Not What the Dr Ordered.

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