My Mission

At Not What the Dr Ordered, my mission is to empower people to promote their own healing through healthy eating and healthy living. Everything we eat… Everything we touch… And everything we smell affects our health whether it’s good or bad.

Small things over time become BIG things, again, regardless if they are good or bad.  When it’s bad, all of the junk we take in has to come out, but sometimes our body needs help doing it. That is when disease sneaks in…

While I am not a doctor and the information I provide should not substitute for the advice provided by your physician, I can help guide you on your journey to wellness. Why me? Because I’ve felt how you feel now. I’ve walked in your shoes and am still on that same journey…

There is a reason why you don’t see a lot about GAPS friendly, allergen free, toxic free, whole body healing diets… It takes time and it takes dedication.

But when your health and survival are on the line, guess what?  You’re going to do everything in your power to stay alive and feel good.

I didn’t find anyone to help guide me on my journey when I started out.  On the contrary, every doctor I saw said it couldn’t be done!  That is why I am dedicated to making your path much easier.

Let’s start now!

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Belen said : administrator Report 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing!!

Belen said : administrator Report 4 years ago

Thank you for your support and kind words! I hope you continue to find useful information on my site in the future. Please keep visiting...

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