Happy Anniversary to Me!

A year before my son was born, I faced the most difficult time of my adult life! My mom called me to tell me she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer. Six weeks after that call, my mom died in my arms.

Mom was always the perfect patient! She was diabetic but always carried her meds. Took them religiously, writing everything down in her little journal. Never missed her doctor appointments. Was a little chubby but she wasn’t severely over weight. Didn’t have outrageous medical challenges… On the contrary, she was always on the go and spent a lot of time traveling! So how did they miss this?

The truth is, no one knew how. She was the first in her family to have cancer. Doctors asked if she had hepatitis, was a drinker, abused anything? Nope, nope, nope.  But if you took a moment and listened to her story, Mom swore up and down that she had cancer because of her medicines.

Fast forward and my son has just celebrated his 2nd birthday and I am suddenly hospitalized with total vision loss. It’s a fluke they say… Probably will never happen again they say… After a week of medical tests with negative results, they send me home.

I’m back a few weeks later with another total vision loss. After a 2 week stay in the hospital, and a gamut of different medical exams from every blood test imaginable to radioactive scans to a lumbar puncture, I was finally diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder called Neurosarcoidosis.

The treatment? Yup, you guessed it, hard core meds! Not just meds, but immuno-suppressive ones that destroy any immune system my body has! They said it should cure within the year and I should be fine.

Were they right? Nope. It became worse and I relapsed again. I was told my condition was chronic and since it was neurologically based, affecting primarily my brain and my nervous system, I was told it was life threatening.  As a result, they said I would depend on these meds for the rest of my life.

So I took the meds and dealt with the nasty side effects. I gained an extreme amount of weight. I experienced constant nausea and vomiting.  My hair fell out in chunks. My skin hurt. My back hurt. I had very swollen feet which made me lose my balance a lot. My head hurt constantly and continuously. I would constantly get dizzy. And I was too tired to do anything.

Then life changed and I became a single mom. I had a hard decision to make. Possibly relive my mom’s fate by blindly following medical advice  – possibly leaving my son alone since one of the medicines put me at a significant risk of developing lymphomas and other malignancies – or go against the grain and find an alternative solution? For me, there was no contest.  I chose health.

I started doing research and started learning how to support my body in multiple ways… Until this point I was constantly told that I needed to stay on these meds forever.  This was reinforced by the fact that every time I tried to ween off of my meds, I ended up in a full blown out relapse requiring drastic medical interventions!

On January 20th, 2016, I made the decision. I told my doctor my plans and said either you’re working with me or I’m finding someone else who is.

I started doing cleanses to clear years worth of accumulated toxins from my system. I removed processed foods, gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet. I basically followed my son’s gut healing diet. I detoxed my surroundings. And I followed holistic methods of self-care, incorporating essential oils into my daily routine. (To be honest, many of these things I had already started in an effort to heal my son. I just stopped cheating when he wasn’t around and committed myself 100%!)

It took a long time to do it, but October 15, 2016 I announced I was living pharmaceutical free! Why October 15th? Because that was my mom’s birthday.  She was the reason why I was doing this… I knew Mom would want me to do anything I could to be here for my son!

This Month is My 1 Year Anniversary of Living Pharmaceutical Free!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a doctor, nor am I anti-medicine or anti-doctors… By all means, if I get into a bad car accident and need surgery, don’t stand there and rub oils on me… Take my butt to the hospital!!!

However, you really have to look at the amount of prescriptions written daily for both major and minor health issues. We need to start asking if there is an absolute need for them…

While my mother’s story is extreme, it is not uncommon for prescription drugs to pose a major health risk to the patient’s overall well being.  With multiple side effects that are sometimes worse than the actual condition, many people are left feeling worse than how they started. And taking more drugs to treat the side effects is definitely not the answer!

Modern medicine is not modeled to cure the source of medical problems. Doctors simply target the issues causing the most discomfort, which are usually the symptoms, not the cause… You can’t heal from anything if you’re only treating the symptoms.  Think about it… That’s like bucketing water out of a sinking boat without fixing the actual hole!

While I know that I am not cured… I physically feel much healthier! I am not as bloated. I can keep up with my son. I have more better days than bed-ridden days. I am active. I am happy. My skin doesn’t feel like it’s on fire anymore. My vision is holding up. My chronic 3 year long headache finally went away. And I no longer say, “Honey, Mommy can’t. I don’t feel well today.”

Medically, I’m looking good.  With God’s blessing, I have not relapsed. My vision has not decreased. My brain swelling seems to have lessened with less headaches and pressure. Still no signs of seizures. Even my vertigo is almost non existent, only occasionally showing up after extremely stressful days.

Health is a constant work in progress! It doesn’t happen over night. But despite any minor bumps in the road, I continue moving forward towards a healthier life.

If you are suffering any discomfort, talk to your doctor.  Tell them you want to support your body naturally.  Start with small changes. Eat less junk. Use less toxic chemicals. Replace them with better options… If your doctor laughs at you or tells you it’s impossible, find a new doctor! Just DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDS COLD TURKEY!!!

If you want to learn natural ways to help clear your toxic load or replace chemicals in your home with natural solutions, come to one of my classes.  I love sharing what I have learned during my journey to wellness!

I’m happy to help in any way that I can

Heal well, my friend!

My Mom and Me

My Mom and Me…

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