I Thought I Was Mended

Low Battery Warning

Today was a long day… And I didn’t have any extra spoons to help me through, so when I got home this afternoon my body completely shut down on me.  Although I miss him even more at these times, Speedy is with his dad this weekend… At least I was able to sleep for a few hours in an attempt to recharge my system, but my battery is still low.

I promised myself to write every day, but today I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise to myself. One of the challenges of living with a chronic disease…

A friend checked in on me, knowing how I’ve been feeling.  It’s a blessing to have friends who care.  Luckily, I have a few…

Shannon is an amazing writer who has an exceptional gift of expressing her emotions in a way that others can feel and relate to… She shared her latest poem with me and gave me permission to share it with you.  I hope you love her writing as much as I do…


I Thought I Was Mended
by Shannon Taylor Elfe

I thought I was mended, didn’t know how much it hurt,
Lost in translation as a piece of me burned.

Something is missing but now it’s easier to bare
All I needed were your words and a little care.

Where do I belong?
Who is there?
Questions that plague the mind with despair.

Hurt to the touch, in love with the pain…
That space sits empty, ready to be tamed.

Time heals all wounds is what I hear,
But I believe love and affection is all you need to hear.

As questions flood my mind,
I thought I was mended but I still need a little more time.

In love with ideas that I can make come true.
Thoughts consume my mind all the time, they just do.

My pain no one gets sometimes it’s like a burning in my chest,
I wonder why it never ends, how come I can’t tie the loose ends.

Pain is all that I feel, ready to make room for more,
But I just sit here torn.

Ready to open up, ready to heal,
I thought I was mended.

I didn’t know how much it hurt til I felt it.

Copyright © Shannon Taylor Elfe

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