Sleep Sounds Good

So, this will be a short post tonight…

I’ve been up to my neck in clothes all day with this KonMari process I have going on… And for some reason I still haven’t shaken my fatigue from last week so I’m always tired as of late.

Despite that, today was a good day… Speedy and I even prepared the stuffed butternut squash for his Thanksgiving dinner at his dad’s.  Bath, book and bed… The last thing on my mind was writing a new post…

There’s Always Tomorrow

Why struggle to get something done today that can easily be done tomorrow? Because it’s easy to get discouraged.  Once we push something off for one day, it’s easy to fall off the wagon completely… But if you stick to it, they say after 21 days you begin to form a habit and it doesn’t become such a chore to do. And who likes being a quitter?

So here I am, writing down my thoughts although my eyes are heavy with sleep… I negotiated at least 150 words and I have fulfilled my promise to myself… (Yes, I have Sybil moments.)

So with that I shall wish you a good night! Until tomorrow…

And if you feel like quitting, even if it’s just for one day… Don’t.  You’ll be happy you didn’t.

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