Build A Business

God didn’t mean for us to struggle, day to day, from check to check…  He meant for us to flourish and thrive!!! He meant for us to live a beautiful and happy life, helping others live beautiful and happy lives!

What if…

…you could support your oil habit, basically for free, so your significant other won’t fight with you about the expense?

…you could bring in some supplemental income to help pay off some small bills?

…you could bring in some supplemental income and help pay off some BIG bills?

…you could eventually replace your full time income with a work-from-home platform?

…you could make it to every event at your kid’s school without worrying about your boss or how many vacation days you have left? (This one is a BIG one for me!)

…you could meet a whole new set of like-minded friends that help raise your vibration?

…you could find what makes your heart sing???


“If you are waking up with the sensation that there has got to be more in life… then there is.” ― Eric Worre


I’ll be honest, I’m not killing it or making $10,000 a month just by selling oils… At least not yet. But I can honestly say I definitely earn my monthly oils and then some, plus I get to help people feel better!

One of the ladies at what I call my “benefits” job always comments about how I shine when I’m helping someone learn about an essential oil… That’s because I know if they use even 1 essential oil, that’s one less chemical toxin causing havoc in their body!!!

Building a business… Is it challenging? Yes. If anyone tells you it’s easy, they’re lying! But is it worth it? DEFINITELY!!!

When I originally enrolled, I was assigned an upline that never even contacted me…. I wanted to learn…  I wanted to know more, but there I was stuck in the water.  For my first year all I heard was crickets! So trust me when I say I know what that feels like…. I don’t want that for you!!!

I was fortunate to cross paths with an amazing mentor and became part of an incredible team! Together we train about business building, learn about the oils, learn how to mentor, support each other and even party together!! I am forever grateful my journey has led me to them, and you will be too!

I am going all the way. #determineddiamond. But you don’t have to… My choices are my own. You get to make yours. My motto is always start where you’re comfortable… But always keep in mind what else can be ahead.  I’m happy to meet you wherever you’re at!

Come… Join my team!!