Order Essential Oils

Step By Step Instructions on How to Order doTERRA Essential Oils

1. Click here for my doTERRA page to order essential oils online by becoming a wholesale customer. Wholesale customer membership is kind of like having a Costco or BJ’s club membership… For a small fee, $35, you save 25% off everything for a whole year!

2. Pick your country and preferred language.

3. Fill out your information in the “About You” section.

4. Decide how you want to join DoTerra under “Account Types”:

Wellness Advocate membership gives you 25% off everything, plus the option of sharing oils with your friends with the potential to earn money back!

Wholesale membership gives you 25% off all DoTERRA products for a year.

Either option pays for itself once you order 4-5 oils! It’s definitely worth it!

5. The Referral Information Section should have a tiny pic of me!

Make sure it says my name, Belen Velez. My doTERRA’s Member ID Number is 1678364, just in case my name and information are not listed.

6. Now the exciting part! Choose either your Enrollment Kit or your $35 membership fee with the oils you want to start with.

The Family Essentials Kit has the 10 most popular oils that can replace almost everything in you bathroom cabinet. My Intro Class covers all of the oils in this kit. If you haven’t watched it, check out when the next class is scheduled.

The Home Essentials Kit also has the same 10 most popular oils, but double the oils AND a diffuser! Diffusing is an easy way to start using oils if you’re not sure what to do with them. Just 2 or 3 drops is enough.

I highly recommend both of these kits! When you pick any Enrollment Kit, you automatically get the 25% discount plus your $35 membership fee is waived! Win-win!

7. Choose how quickly you want your oils delivered. Economy shipping is only $3.99 and gets your oils to your door within 5 days, but you also have other delivery options including next business day delivery.

8. Put in your payment information. Be sure to confirm all of your info!!!

9. Click “Process Order and Continue”. Wait for your oils to get dropped off at your door.

10. You have the option to set up an LRP order. The Loyalty Rewards Program is completely optional! You decide what you order, when you order it and if you want to order it every month. LRP helps you earn points to get free products! You can potentially save up to 30% on all of your orders plus your shipping fees are reimbursed as points to use. You can cancel your LRP at any time.


It’s ok. I like trying things out before I fully commit, too. You can also buy an oil as a Retail Customer. Click here for my retail site to place your order.  Just remember, if you’re buying several oils, you might want to consider a Wholesale Account. You will earn the enrollment fee back through the amount you will save. Plus, who wants to pay more anyway???

12. Ok, then what? You’ll be receiving emails from me about classes, tips to use your oils, monthly promotions, and how to join my Facebook Group for more oil education. Now you’re all set!

Welcome Aboard!!!